Tailored  DTC copywriting services


I  aim to provide a unique experience to working with a marketing agency through specialization in copywriting. This method helps businesses grow in a whole new area of marketing that they probably don't even realize they need improvement in.

If you happen to be a business owner who is already putting efforts into my area of expertise, then congratulations, and reach out if you are interested in freeing up some time in your schedule.

My main focus is email copywriting; although if you need website copy, ad copy, sale page copy, etc. I am able to assist with that too!


Best engagement

You can expect the highest conversion rate of landing page traffic when coming from an email 

Most money back

Emails have the highest return on investment out of any digital marketing channel

Loyal audience

Only 0.1% of people unsubscribe from email lists (seriously)

"I would recommend Colin to any person or business that wants an outside-the-box view on Affiliation, Copywriting & Monetizing."

- Julian (Managing Director of MSMF)

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